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We’re Rubies in the Rubble. We make award-winning condiments that are packed with flavour and packed with purpose. We believe that food should be valued as a precious resource. That’s why our products are packed with delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste – not because they taste any different, but often because they’re the wrong shape, size or colour.

Condiments are a fantastic way of preserving produce by extending their shelf-life with vinegars and sugars.

In other words, less waste, more taste.

Why do we give a toss about food waste?

Well did you know the combined impact of food wastage contributes 6.7% of all green house gasses emitted?

Food waste is an issue that occurs throughout the food supply chain. Some produce is discarded before it even leaves the farm, some is rejected when it arrives at the supermarket or restaurant and some simply ends up in a household bin.

Surviving the journey from farm to fork is a complicated process with many hurdles along the way. Kind of like Total Wipeout for fruit and veg, where the obstacles include: rigorous aesthetic criteria for produce, over-forecasted demand and inefficiencies in storing and distributing.

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‘Rubies isnt just a fun place to work. The team is bound together by its sense of purpose, which gives us tons of energy!’

Lucy Marketing

‘I dont just love the design, but the stuff inside the bottles is incredibly delicious too.’

Sarah Customer

What is it like to work with us?

Working at Rubies means working with a bunch of environmental mentalists, planet preserves, and rebels with a cause!

We’re a small team of 10 people who are passionate about great food and sustainability. We like to keep things lean, work at pace, but have a lot of fun along the way.

Each team member get’s a chance to be in charge of “fun” for one month – through a rotating role we created called the “Lolager”. Lolagers in the past have organised ghost walks, beach cleans, 8am dance classes, and plenty of eating.

Being a B-Corp means we focus on the triple bottom line, people, planet, & profit. This means people get’s a big focus in the business. We track our teams fulfilment and happiness through a monthly barometer “Feelback”.

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Jenny Costa

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