Bruno Caballero, BLANC: It’s all in the figures

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Bruno Caballero, CFO at BLANC

All roads lead to finance

If you ask anyone in business the question “who has the final say on major decisions in a company?”, we guarantee that 90% of respondents will reply with CFO (Chief Financial Officer). The proof is in the research.

The role of the CFO has shifted enormously in the last decade with 75% of CFOs now spending over 50% of their time on strategic business. 

2025: the year of environmental reporting

A government announcement recently declared that by 2025 it will be mandatory that all big UK companies report on their environmental impact.

Whatever happens initially, the net will eventually be widened to encompass all company sizes.

What strings will CFOs need to add to their bows in order to make this transition?

Irresistibly attracted to sustainability

Finance doyen, Bruno Caballero, is the CFO of BLANC; the first tech-enabled aftercare specialist, offering an expert non-toxic alternative to conventional dry cleaning alongside tailoring and laundry services.

Having worked in a variety of industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical and construction prior to BLANC, he was drawn to the company’s sustainable nature firstly as a shareholder and then as an active employee. 

What was BLANC looking for in a CFO? 

Having been a shareholder prior to getting the job, the BLANC founders knew that I was already onboard with the company’s ethos and values. This was really important to them.

Regarding the position, I was hired to create a Finance department! Nothing existed before me. There is a lot to do.

Has your reporting methodology changed in comparison to previous jobs?

There is no difference in reporting however all functions in the company have a focus on sustainability. For finance, we have transitioned over to a fully digital world to avoid any unnecessary printing.

Has BLANC’s environmental focus changed the way you choose suppliers?

Yes. We will obviously look for the most profitable solutions initially but we may end up choosing a slightly more expensive supplier if they are environmentally conscious.

Has the way you make strategic business decisions changed?

Very similar to the supplier process. We start with putting all potential solutions on the table, encompassing both cost and environment. Only then do we make decisions based on these elements.

How does finance need to change in order to fit with the new focus on sustainability?

Getting a B Corp status is a good start. B Corp highlights the key areas that companies need to address in order to become sustainable - governance, people and environment (We are just in the process of getting B Corp certified). Finance sits within the larger structural change. 

As for accounting processes, finance departments need to move towards fully digitalised operations (bookkeeping, expenses, claims, tax returns…).

What is the most notable thing you have learnt in this role?

A bit early to answer. I would say though that making a company sustainable depends wholly on the employees - who ultimately make it happen!

What are your top tips for someone in finance looking to move to an environmentally focused company? 

Look at the financial role in detail. They vary so much these days and with it the different kinds of qualifications required. Although my title is CFO, I am actually in charge of people as well. 

Bruno can be reached on Linkedin.

Learn more about BLANC's work here.

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