Who we are

We are “Tailors of Sunshine”, a London swimwear tailor with a simple mission to spread a little ‘sunshine’ whilst having a positive impact on our planet.

At Riz we realise that the world is as vulnerable as it is beautiful. With more people living in cities, living on their phones and constantly busy, there is a growing need to slow down and reconnect with nature. Our shorts are designed for a more thoughtful life, created to connect you to the beach and beyond.

We only making shorts, believing in a ‘less but better’ philosophy, an approach perfect for conscious consumers and gentlemen who value both long lasting style and the environment.

Both the clothing industry and our oceans are full of waste, which is why not only are Riz shorts beautiful and long lasting but since the birth of the brand in 2009, every pair of shorts has been made from recycled materials. At the end of their life, the shorts can also be returned and “Rizcycled”.

A certified B Corporation and member of 1% for the Planet, £1 from the sale of every short is donated directly to the Marine Conservation Society.

What’s it like to work at Riz?

We believe that our brand possesses the possibility and responsibility to inspire people to consume in a more conscious and aware manner. This vision is supported by three pillars: A “less but better – do one thing well” philosophy; The knowledge that the future of fashion is circular and a drive to shift to becoming climate positive.

We remain a founder owned company, where are personal beliefs merge seamlessly into the brands values. We are a company where we see collaboration as the only path to true success as we can’t create a movement of change in isolation.

Business as usual at Riz is dynamic, innovative and creative; uncompromising and challenging. We are small and nimble with big ideas!

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I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honour of purchasing, owning and loving various different shorts from these remarkable Tailors of sunshine, dating back to early 2010! With a pair of boardshorts for almost every occasion in life, never failing to deliver on craftsmanship a quality, it will never cease to amaze me how their sustainable and beautifully designed product never seems to age nor falter!

Michael Levelle Customer

I recently bought a pair of wave flower board shorts but was uncertain of the correct size to purchase. The guys were really helpful in getting the size right, with a qui response and dispatch of the shorts. The packaging was reusable (I sent back some old board shorts for recycling) as well as recyclable. Overall, my customer service experience was excellent and I would recommend them to others, not least because of the recycled nature of the shorts!

Iain Johnson Customer

I love the whole attitude of your company and of course your superb shorts! I’m so happy that I came across you! Please keep it up!

Chadwick Beecher-Moore Customer

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