Who we are

Climate change is the biggest problem of our time. Our mission is to empower users to fight climate change through sustained behavioural change.

Pawprint is a start-up and we are building an eco-movement for the people! Our global community will help people measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprint. Our mission is to help millions of people reduce their carbon footprint in a fun, social way.

What’s it like to work at Pawprint?

Culture and a happy team are central at Pawprint.

All employees have Shared ownership in the business, we strongly believe everyone involved should have an opportunity to share in what we’re building so we are currently setting up an options scheme.

We all have extra holiday allowance (and we will make you take it – burnout is not big or clever!). We have weekly team beers (virtually) and are encouraged to collaborate and give feedback on projects in other areas of the business to encourage a holistic flat-structure.

We have flexible working hours and as much of managements time as needed – professional growth is truly important at Pawprint. We are a small team juggling several priorities but we are making time to educate ourselves on how to be the best employer.

We are in the process of becoming B-Corp certified and working hard on a diversity policy that actively promotes a balanced and diverse team at Pawprint.

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“I get to work with awesome people on something I really care about. What’s not to love.”

Beth Kayser Content Manger

“After 20 years of working for companies driven only by revenue and costs, it’s a breath of fresh air to work for a company with a mission I believe in.”

Mark McCafferty Product Manager

“I really enjoy working with the team at Pawprint – we’re building some really cool stuff and having a lot of fun on the way!”

Shauna Zheng Pawductivity Lead

Employee Growth (12 Months)


Female / Male Ratio

30% female

Offices & Team


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Christian Arno

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Douglas Cook

Head of Marketing
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Mark McCafferty

Head of Content
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Chris Bradbury

Head of Technology

Pawprint currently doesn't have any open positions.