Who we are

Ocean Bottle exists to enable anyone that gives a damn about this planet the opportunity to help turn the tap off ocean plastic. We have some great backing behind us, big ambitions and want you to help us achieve them. This is an opportunity to come join a brand that is going to change the world for the better.

Since launching in January 2019 Ocean Bottle has shipped nearly 100k units out into the world, collected 1,026,940kgs of plastic and improved livelihoods at the same time. By 2025 our goal is to fund collection equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Will you help us get there?

We’re a group of individuals from different backgrounds and places of the world who love the ocean and share one common goal to preserve it. Most of us started out with little knowledge of the environmental crisis we are in, but the more aware we became, the harder it became to ignore. We’re powered by this and the belief that we can all have an impact however much we know.

What’s it like to work at Ocean Bottle?

Life at Ocean Bottle is relaxed and mission driven, always keeping the Ocean in mind, we prioritise teams over individual actions. We always look at a problem positively, as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Be part of a young startup with traction, with a competitive salary & company equity. We are also committed to ratcheting salaries as we grow, so you’ll be rewarded for being an amazing employee and contributing to our growth. We’ll provide you with the tools & mentors you need to do your best work.

Other perks:

26 days paid holiday (25 days, plus an extra day off on your birthday because who wants to work on their birthday). We also close the office for two weeks over Christmas because who wants to work over Christmas.

Flexible working. Right now we’re working at Soho Works at 180 The Strand and you can choose which days you want to come to the office.

Regular team social events, and we want to do team trips twice a year (COVID dependent.. ), in February the whole team went to Bali for 3 weeks. While we’re still small we want to make the most of company weeks away and days spent at home or in different places.

We provide a pension scheme for all permanent employees, in line with government requirements. Learning perks.

We’ll offset your annual carbon footprint.

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Where to begin honestly… – Overall, working for a company that has a purpose in the world in which we live without compromise or workaround to sustainability. This is the bottom line thing that wakes me up with a smile on my face each day – the young and small company vibe. There is no verticality, everyone (at least I know I can) can talk freely to anyone, regardless of subject, history, position, etc – I like to call this one “the flexibility and the ears”, basically being heard, and made to feel like we’re valuable in the future of the company. N, W & I are really acceptant and forgiving of people’s way of working. It feels really good you have no idea – the feeling that we’re all in this together. No task is too small for the big guys, etc. It’s like Napoleon going to battle with his troops – the efforts to create an environment greater than just being coworkers. Setting up casual events, joking about random stuff etc. – I’m definitely forgetting some.

Emilien Henrotte Partnerships Executive


Ocean Bottle currently doesn't have any open positions.