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Ground Control Ltd is an award-winning company that has as its core purpose Caring for our Environment, and whose mission is to help the UK become a carbon neutral country by 2050. We deliver grounds maintenance, winter maintenance, arboriculture and landscape design and construction throughout the UK to many high-profile customers including Network Rail, Western Power, Sainsburys, Tesco and Severn Trent Water.

The Ground Control Values are front and centre of everything that we do; our people are recruited, developed, promoted, challenged and inspired through these embedded values. We focus on developing people; whether via the apprenticeship programme, regular training opportunities, our mentor programme or technical skills training. We are also working hard to bring a new and diverse new workforce into the industry.

What’s it like to work at Ground Control?

We are an entrepreneurial, maintenance led, systems driven, people and values centered business that puts people at the centre of everything we do. Our employees share in ownership of the business through employee shareholding, and everyone is motivated to achieve our business objectives and support our customers.

As well as share options, employees benefit from semi-annual bonuses, an electric vehicle leasing scheme, discounted gym membership, Death in Service cover, pension, Bupa employee support and subscriptions.

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“Working at Ground Control you really do feel like you are part of a family, everyone is so friendly, welcoming and helpful if you ever need anything. The senior managers are approachable and always make time to say hello when walking round the office. I know that my ideas, views & opinions are valued in my immediate team and when talking with senior managers in my department. Every member of staff is so very friendly, helpful and approachable. The various extra initiatives for training & development, the charity work, mental health first aid training along with the social events all promote a feeling of being included, no matter how long or short a time you have worked for the company.”

Key Account Manager

“Ground Control is a brilliant place to work. It is a family orientated place to work and when asking a question to anyone, nothing is too much to ask for. I have worked for a few companies, where they don’t really care about their employees wellbeing, however that isn’t the case here. My line manager is Jessica Chase and I think that she is the most warming and caring manager that I have ever had, and I really enjoy working under her. Whenever I have an issue work related or personal, she is always there to listen. We are kept updated with any changes that are being made in the company – good and bad. I feel that everyone at Ground Control is a part of a family.”

Finance Manager

“I absolutely love working for Ground Control I call my team my work family as we are open, honest, very close even though we are currently working far apart and everyone respects everyone and we can have a good laugh but still get the job done and more. I think being able to work from home eases the stresses of having to travel to work, find a parking space and then spend over an hour travelling approx 15 miles each way so being able to work remotely for me has helped. GC encourage staff to explore other roles in all areas across the business to be able to learn and gain experience. Always being open and honest with future plans or current developments putting worrying minds at ease. Enthusiasm towards the environment and new projects and positivity.”


“I would definitely recommend Ground Control to any friends or family because they genuinely care about the wellbeing and the progression of their people. We work in a challenging environment, but there is a sufficient amount of support across the whole business to ensure that we can overcome those challenges. GC motivate their staff well, and personally motivate me to be the best version of me every single day. Fantastic and clear communication from the top (weekly SLT and Marcus’ Diary perfect examples.) Focus on personal development and opportunity to grow the individuals. Overall, a fantastic place to work. Thank you!”

Construction Manager

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