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We know from experience that owning an electric vehicle presents a unique set of pain points. So we set out to change that; by developing a smart, cloud-based platform that automatically optimizes EV charging, for a greener, cheaper charge.

What makes us different from other EV charging companies?

We’re customer obsessed

When we launched ev.energy, we started with the customer in mind: EV owners. We know from experience that owning an EV presents a unique set of pain points, including anxiety about when/where to charge and how much it’s going to cost. So we set out to change that: building a platform that guarantees you’ll charge at home with the lowest-cost, greenest electricity available, presented in an easy-to-understand app that displays your vehicle’s battery status, what time your car will be charged, and how much the charging session cost.

To make sure that our customers feel supported every step of the way, we have a full-time customer support team who are on call 8 hours per day, 5 days per week to answer any questions EV owners might have about their charging, their car or anything else we can help with.

We’re focused on the home

As EVs are rolled out in countries across the world, one thing remains universal: most EV owners charge their cars at home. In the UK, about 90% of EV charging happens at home; in Germany, this is 85% and in the USA this is 80%.

That’s why we’re focused on delivering the best at-home charging experience for our customers: because when you pull out of your driveway with a full battery, you won’t have to worry about having to top up your battery at an expensive public charger. While other companies are investing millions in public charging infrastructure, we’re focused on improving charging where it matters most: in your home.

Our solution is wireless

Anyone who’s had to charge an EV knows that charging hardware can be clunky, expensive, and unreliable. Many scientists and public officials agree that the future of EV charging will be wireless, and we’ve seen wireless charging already start to be rolled out in countries like Norway and the UK.

That’s why we’ve developed a software-only solution for EV charging: our platform sits in the cloud, and can communicate with any battery-electric vehicle or internet-connected charger to control charging. By removing the wires and the fuss, we’re able to deliver our services to any EV driver, anywhere in the world — and help them avoid spending money on expensive charging hardware and installation fees.

We have a world-class team

It’s not enough to have a great product: start-ups need to have a winning team to deliver it. We’re proud to have a world-class leadership team that brings decades of expertise from the energy and software industries:

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”ev.energy is a fantastic place to work! It’s a pleasure to be surrounded by a team full of talented, motivated, and well-rounded individuals who share the same values and are passionate about delivering on our company mission.’

Sandy Neill Customer Success Manager

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The ev.energy Team



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Nick Woolley

CEO and Co-Founder
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Chris Darby

CTO and Co-Founder
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Ashley Grealish

Head of Engineering
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William Goldsmith

Head of Commercial
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Rich Owen

Head of Product & Design

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