Who we are

At Dendra Systems, we restore the world’s natural landscapes through a combination of data ecology, analytics and aerial seeding. Dendra Systems enables environmental managers across a range of industries to better rehabilitate and maintain their land, whether it’s through identifying weeds, erosion, fauna populations and much more. We offer a never-before-seen picture of your land, right down to a single blade of grass, and our easy-to-use analytics engine helps diagnose problems and create targeted action plans for best-in-class environmental management.

We’re a global team of data ecologists, engineers and drone operators who come together to provide an end-to-end system designed to help biodiverse ecosystems rehabilitate and thrive. We work with forward-thinking partners who want to make confident decisions for their lands, and believe strongly in enabling the best conditions for ongoing stewardship of our natural world.

What are our values?

We want to do good in the world, with a relentless focus and bias to action. We make things happen out of nothing, and treasure the trial and error. Our team says GYSHIDOMA.

The natural world is not an afterthought. We need to keep it at the core, always, and believe in diverse ecosystems, not monocultures.

We dive in, inquire and then do the best job we possibly can. In doing so, we redefine what is good enough, because this is the year that counts.

We consistently choose honesty over easy, and move forward with grace and precision.

When we see uneven ground, we keep calm, chart our course, and create a path for others.

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‘Dendra helps Glencore … by providing unprecedented insights into the condition of the land and ecosystems using ecology-driven data science and artificial intelligence. Complemented by drone-based aerial seeding which increases the rate of planting and mitigates on-site risks. Together, Glencore and Dendra are restoring thriving ecosystems.’

Lucy Roberts Corporate Head HSEC and Human Rights, Glencore

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33% female


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Susan Graham

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Matthew Ritchie

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Data Ecology Lead
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